Autodesk Forge - How to stop recoloring of object when selected


Our elements are color coded so when a user selects one we just want to isolate it in the views (which works as expected) BUT we don't want it to change to the selection color - where can we control this?


Use selection event to find which object has been selected, cancel the selection and isolate the selected dbId, is this the behavior you are looking for?


Autodesk.ADN.Viewing.Extension.Basic = function (viewer, options) { Autodesk.Viewing.Extension.call(this, viewer, options); var _this = this; _this.load = function () { console.log('LOAD') viewer.addEventListener( Autodesk.Viewing.AGGREGATE_SELECTION_CHANGED_EVENT, function(e) { //console.log(e) if(e.selections.length) { var dbId = e.selections[0].dbIdArray[0] viewer.select([]) viewer.isolate(dbId) } }) return true; }; _this.unload = function () { Autodesk.Viewing.theExtensionManager.unregisterExtension( "Autodesk.ADN.Viewing.Extension.Basic"); return true; }; }; Autodesk.ADN.Viewing.Extension.Basic.prototype = Object.create(Autodesk.Viewing.Extension.prototype); Autodesk.ADN.Viewing.Extension.Basic.prototype.constructor = Autodesk.ADN.Viewing.Extension.Basic; Autodesk.Viewing.theExtensionManager.registerExtension( "Autodesk.ADN.Viewing.Extension.Basic", Autodesk.ADN.Viewing.Extension.Basic);


In case you want to keep the selection just not make it blue in the UI, you can change the selection material's opacity to see-through:

viewer.impl.selectionMaterialBase.opacity = 0; viewer.impl.selectionMaterialTop.opacity = 0;

Now when you click on an object it won't turn blue.


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