How to get channel information from a global wire tap


Is there a way to use a global wire tap and still be able to log the identification information about the associated channel? To clarify lets suppose, I want to use a global wire tap as follows:

... <int:channel id="myChannel1" /> ... <int:channel id="myChannel2" /> ... <int:wire-tap pattern="*" order="2" channel="wireTapChannel" /> <int:logging-channel-adapter id="wireTapChannel" expression="'payload: ' + getPayload()" level="DEBUG" logger-name="WIRETAP" />

This would log something like

14:44:31,350 DEBUG WIRETAP:126 - payload: some payload1 14:44:31,350 DEBUG WIRETAP:126 - payload: some payload2

Now is there a way to put an expression so that looking into the logs I can identify the associated channels as well? I am expecting something like this:

14:44:31,350 DEBUG WIRETAP:126 - channel: myChannel1, payload: some payload1 14:44:31,350 DEBUG WIRETAP:126 - channel: myChannel2, payload: some payload2

Not sure whether this information is already lost once the flow reaches the wireTapChannel


You could enable <a href="http://docs.spring.io/spring-integration/docs/2.2.x/reference/html/system-management-chapter.html#message-history" rel="nofollow">Message History</a> and then use a Spel to print the desired headers.


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