How to create a dictionary in LINQ when populating a class?



At the moment I have a class which looks like so:

public class SupplierSummaryReport { public string SupplierName { get; set; } public Dictionary<string, decimal> DateValues { get; set; } }

Using LINQ, I am trying to create an IQueryable list of the SupplierSummaryReport class. However, when trying to create the dictionary in C#, the application fails. I'm not sure how to create the dictionary, can anyone help?


public IQueryable<APData.Audit.Models.ReportModels.SupplierSummaryReport> GetSupplierSummaryReportData() { var data = (from i in _ctx.Invoices where i.Turnover == true select new { Year = i.InvoiceDate.Year.ToString(), AccountName = i.AccountName, Value = i.NetAmount_Home ?? 0 }); return data.GroupBy(r => new { r.Year, r.AccountName }) .Select(g => new APData.Audit.Models.ReportModels.SupplierSummaryReport { SupplierName = g.Key.AccountName, //I believe it fails when creating the dictionary DateValues = new Dictionary<string, decimal> { {g.Key.Year, g.Sum(r=> r.Value)} } }).OrderBy(r => r.SupplierName); }

Expected Outcome:

Supplier Name = "Test", DateValues = {2010, 500} Supplier Name = "Test2", DateValues = {2011, 900}

Actual Outcome:

Receive this error:


Only list initializer items with a single element are supported in LINQ to Entities.



Once you start the .Select(g => there's no point creating a dictionary as you have only one g.Key. You would only be creating a dictionary with one element in it if you tried. I think you have your logic wrong.

I think this is what your return statement should look like:

return data .GroupBy(r => r.AccountName) .Select(g => new APData.Audit.Models.ReportModels.SupplierSummaryReport { SupplierName = g.Key.AccountName, //I believe it fails when creating the dictionary DateValues = g .GroupBy(x => x.Year, x => x.Value) .ToDictionary(x => x.Key, x => x.Sum()) }) .OrderBy(r => r.SupplierName);

Now you may need to put a .ToArray() after data to bring the records in to memory to make this query work.


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