conditional update in mongodb


I have the following schema below and need do an update which is detailed below. Not sure how to go about it.

UserPromo = new Schema sendFBInvite: earnedIntros: type: Number default: 0 earningActionCounter: type: Number default: 0 actions: type: Number default:1 earnings: earnedIntros: type: Number default: 0 usedIntros: type: Number default: 0

everytime sendFBInvite.earningActionCounter goes to 5 I want sendFBInvite.earnedIntros to increment and earnings.earnedIntros to increment by 1. At the same time I want to reset sendFBInvite.earningActionCounter to 0

Is there a way to do this in one call? thanks in advance for your help!


NO. The core of MongoDB is to have all the business logic in the application level and not DB. So in short I don't think its possible.

Side note: MongoDB is very fast and you can run multiple select/ find queries and then fire and update. Plus there is also findAndModify command (<a href="http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/command/findAndModify/" rel="nofollow">http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/command/findAndModify/</a>) by which might be good for you to look into.


this is old, but for others getting here... the earlier answer mentioned needing to do this in the application layer, which is correct. here's a pseudo-code example of how you might safely and efficiently perform such an update:

incrementActionCounter() { do { var tryagain = false // do the common action first, but only if it would not reach // the boundary condition (5) err = collection("").update( {"sendFBInvite.earnedActionCounter": {$ne: 4}}, {$inc:{"sendFBInvite.earnedActionCounter": 1}} ) // 'not found' means that it's likely already at 4... so... if err == "not found" { // still need a condition here, in case someone else updated // the value behind our back err = collection("").update({"sendFBInvite.earnedActionCounter": 4}, { $inc: { "sendFBInvite.earnedIntros":1, "earnings.earnedIntros":1 }, $set:{ "sendFBInvite.earnedActionCounter": 0 } }) // 'not found' here means something changed between our 2 queries if err == "not found" { tryagain = true; } else if isSomeOtherError(err) { return err } } } while(tryagain) }

obviously, depending on your needs, you could limit the retry and just return an error if the sequence fails, but something like the above should solve the problem w/o producing new edge cases.


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