StructureMap3 How to configure constructor string injection for all types?


I have registered my types using

Scan( scan => { scan.TheCallingAssembly(); scan.WithDefaultConventions(); scan.With(new ControllerConvention()); });

But how do I specify for constructor injection with out having to specify the concrete type like this?

string connStr = "..."; For<IRepository().Use<MyRepository>().Ctor<string>("connectionString").Is(connStr);


You can create dedicated convention for registration of repositories.

public class RepositoryConvention : IRegistrationConvention { private const string ConnectionString = "your connection string"; public void Process(Type type, Registry registry) { if (type.IsConcrete() && type.GetInterfaces().Contains(typeof(IRepository))) { registry.For(typeof(IRepository)) .Use(type) .CtorDependency<string>("connectionString") .Is(ConnectionString); } } }

or create dedicated type to provide with connection string. I bet you are getting it from web/app.config so adding abstraction for accessing it would be helpful anyway.

public interface IConfigurationSettingsReader { string ReadConnectionString(string name); T ReadSetting<T>(string settingName); }

Then you just add it as a dependency for your MyRepository and you don't need to add it explicitly in registration or use custom convention.

public class MyRepository : IRepository { private readonly string connectionString; public MyRepository(IConfigurationSettingsReader settingsReader) { this.connectionString = settingsReader.ReadConnectionString("ConnStrName"); } }

You can consider creating an abstract base repository class to be inherited by each repository to get rid of setup bolerplate.

Hope this helps!


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