Rails: Multiple databases, same schema


I'm in the middle of a fictional scenario project where I have allowed multiple users for a company to log in, create records, and so on, who all connect to the one database. They can all records absence records, attendance records, and so on.

What I want to do however, is use this same schema but expands this to allow several <strong>companies</strong> to have their own databases using the same schema. So each company will have their own data, but all companies use the same data model. In other words all company's can create absence records, but they each only have access to their own absence records that they created themselves.

How can I achieve this?

All I need is two or three files for this, I'm not going commercial with it in case you guys think I'm cutting corners at someone else's expense!

Something as simple as an if-else that decides which file to use would be very useful to me, so if such a line of code exists please let me know.


I think you are doing it wrong (unless you have a really good reason to have a database for each company), because it seems like you are repeating your data model over and over while introducing unnecessary complexity to your code.

Try to have all the companies in one DB/tables with having separated by the company_id.

Ex: data structure would be as follows

companies table id name users table id user_name company_id

However if you really want to connect to multiple databases, check this <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1825844/multiple-databases-in-rails" rel="nofollow">SO question</a>.


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