What is the best way to pass data into pycharm?


I uploaded data into MySQL and from there am using PyCharm and the plotly.offline library to pass in that data. My end goal is to create a scatter plot of the US with information on places of a certain latitude and longitude.

This is what I am trying to pass in:

checkin_data = pd.read_sql('select bus.business_id, bus.latitude, bus.longitude, sum(chk.checkin_count ) as checkin_count from yelp.business bus inner join yelp.checkin chk ON bus.business_id=chk.business_id group by bus.business_id, bus.latitude, bus.longitude order by bus.business_id limit 10;', con=connection)

I have limited the amount of rows to pass to just 10.

My question is how would I pass in all 10 rows to analyze? I am able to pass in the first one but I do not know how to pass in the rest so that I have a scatter plot with 10 points on the US.

Thank you very much.


What is "analyze"? The SELECT will return 10 rows of several columns each.

This will probably run faster:

select bus.business_id, bus.latitude, bus.longitude, ( SELECT sum(checkin_count) FROM yelp.checkin WHERE business_id = chk.business ) AS checkin_count from yelp.business bus order by bus.business_id limit 10;


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