Fill property of DTO with SubQuery in NHibernate Query


I have a DTO object like this:

public class TreeViewDTO { public string Value { get; set; } public string Text { get; set; } public bool HasChildren { get; set; } }

and my entity mapped with Nhibernate is:

public class Entity { public virtual int Id { get; set; } public virtual string Name { get; set; } public virtual Entity Parent { get; set; } /* other properties */ }

I would like to know, how can I get a List of my DTOs and fill the HasChildren property using a count method or a subquery to know if there are childrens?

I have tried this, but does not work:

return Session.QueryOver<Entity> .Select(entity => new TreeViewViewModel() { Value = entity.Id.ToString(), Text = entity.Name, HasChildren = (Session.QueryOver<Entity>().Where(x => x.ParentId == entity.Id).RowCount() > 0)}) .ToList();

I got an exception with this: NotSupportedException and the messages says: x => (x.Parent.Id == [100001].Id) and it is not supported.

How could I create a query to fill this property?

PS: I would like to have a query to select only the Id, Name and Count... because my entity can have 30 fields or more...

Thank you.


Using the NHibernate Linq provider then you can do this:-

public class dto { public long Value { get; set; } public int Count { get; set; } public bool HasCount { get { return Count > 0; } } }

Note: my DTO has a read-only property that looks at the actual count, the query is then:-

var a = Db.Session.Query<Support>().Select( s => new dto { Value = s.Id, Count = s.CommentList.Count } ).ToList();

This generates the following sQL

select support0_.Id as col_0_0_, (select cast(count(*) as SIGNED) from supportcomment commentlis1_ where support0_.Id = commentlis1_.SupportId) as col_1_0_ from support support0_

I have never seen a working example of this using QueryOver. I have had had a stab at it but couldn't get it working..


Didn't you consider the option of using something else rather than NHibernate for this job?<br /> In my opinion, lightweight library like Dapper can be a brilliant solution for this use case. You'll end up with a resonably simple sql query instead of jiggling with Nhibernate.

<strong>Edit:</strong><br /> dapper code will be as simple as this:

public IDbConnection ConnectionCreate() { IDbConnection dbConnection = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=:memory:;pooling = true;"); dbConnection.Open(); return dbConnection; } public void Select() { using (IDbConnection dbConnection = ConnectionCreate()) { var query = @"SELECT e1.id as Value, e1.name as Text, CASE WHEN EXISTS (SELECT TOP 1 1 FROM Entity e2 WHERE e2.parent = e1.id) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END as HasChildren FROM Entity e1"; var productDto = dbConnection.Query<TreeViewDTO>(query); } }


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