Request confirmation on lower confidence levels in Watson Conversation


I know how to set conditions based on intent match and confidence level. I would like to proceed with a flow if the confidence is above a certain threshold, and request confirmation if it is in a mid-range before proceeding with the flow.

I can do this by doubling the nodes:

<ol><li>Create one node that matches at high confidence</li> <li>Create a node underneath that matches at a lower level. If I get confirmation, route back to first node, bypassing the condition.</li> </ol>

Is there a better pattern that doesn't duplicate all nodes?


I'm confused by your question, but, I believe you want make condition base on intent and confidence from intent. Right?

Well, I believe you can do this with code... And let Watson work only for the intelligence of the understandings of intentions and point the confidence. Or you can create a single node throughout the conversation as:

if intent.confidence >= 0.75

Response: I did not understand your question.

Or, with code for each set condition and intent, like:

if(intent[0].intents === 'requestPizza' && intent.confidence >= 0.75) { data.output.text[0] = "Hey, you want request pizza or you want to know how to request pizza?"; }

See one <a href="https://github.com/watson-developer-cloud/conversation-simple/blob/master/app.js#L77" rel="nofollow">example</a> from IBM Developers with Nodejs.


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