Salesforce docusign Iframe Error


I am Getting below error message, when trying to access through the custom button from salesforce in service cloud console and non admin. I integrated the docusign package.

Error : <strong>Javascript proxies were not generated for controlled dsfs.EnvelopeController: may not use public remoted methods inside an iframe</strong>

The same code was working fine with the Docusign previous release, issue is with in new release.

Error Image Url : <a href="https://community.docusign.com/docusign/attachments/docusign/DocuSignforSalesforce/1047/1/error.PNG" rel="nofollow">https://community.docusign.com/docusign/attachments/docusign/DocuSignforSalesforce/1047/1/error.PNG</a>

Thanks in Advance,


Thank you for taking the time reach out regarding this issue.

The current version of DocuSign for Salesforce (6.0) does not support the Salesforce Console view. Our engineers are aware of this issue and are actively working on a solution


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