why does the hover and click not always work?


here is <a href="http://jsfiddle.net/wks8s381/" rel="nofollow">my fiddle</a>

Pretty much working perfectly apart from sometimes mouseenter, mouseleave, click function (.item) doesn't always work - and needs to be clicked for it to start working again? why is this - here is my code -

$(document).ready(function () { $('.timelineTile').click(function (evt) { evt.stopPropagation(); $('.timelineTile').not(this).removeClass('clicked').find('.pull_down_content').height(0); $(this).toggleClass('clicked'); if(!$('.timelineTile').hasClass("clicked")){ $(this).children('.pull_down_content').height(0); } }); }); $(document).click(function () { $('.timelineTile').removeClass('clicked'); $('.pull_down_content').height(0); $('.inner').stop().css({'display': 'none'}, 300); }); $(document).ready(function () { $('.timelineTile').children('.item').on('mouseenter mouseleave click', function(e) { e.stopPropagation(); if ($(this).parent('.timelineTile').hasClass("clicked")) { if (!$(this).data('clicked')) { var Height = e.type==='mouseenter' ? '90px' : e.type==='click' ? '250px' : '0px'; $(this).siblings('.pull_down_content').stop().animate({'height': Height}, 300); $(this).siblings('.pull_down_content').children('.inner').css({'display': 'block'}, 300); if (e.type==='click') $(this).data('clicked', true); }else{ if (e.type==='click') { $(this).data('clicked', false); $(this).siblings('.pull_down_content').stop().animate({'height': '0px'}, 300); $(this).siblings('.pull_down_content').children('.inner').css({'display': 'none'}, 300); } } } }); });

I'm not sure if its something to do with this?

if(!$('.timelineTile').hasClass("clicked")){ $(this).children('.pull_down_content').height(0); }


Try replacing


with this



Maybe you try to attach events when elements aren't exists (for example if they will be added dynamically by scripts).

Use more modern case 'on' instead of 'click' etc.

$(wrapper).on('click', 'element', function() { ... });

Smth like:

... <div class="wrapper"> <span class="link">Click me</span> </div> ... $('.wrapper').on('click', '.link', function() { ... });

This variant adds events for all elements even if they added dynamically.


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