grep for a string in a line if the previous line doesn't contain a specific string


I have the following lines in a file:

abcdef ghi jkl uvw xyz

I want to grep for the string "xyz" if the previous line is not contains the string "jkl".

I know how to grep for a string if the line doesn't contains a specific string using -v option. But i don't know how to do this with different lines.


grep is really a line-oriented tool. It might be possible to achieve what you want with it, but it's easier to use Awk:

awk ' /xyz/ && !skip { print } { skip = /jkl/ } ' file

Read as: for every line, do

<ul><li>if the current line matches xyz and we haven't just seen jkl, print it;</li> <li>set the variable skip to indicate whether we've just seen jkl.</li> </ul>


<pre class="lang-sh prettyprint-override">sed '/jkl/{N;d}; /xyz/!d' <ul><li>If find jkl, remove that line and next</li> <li>print only remaining lines with xyz</li> </ul>


I think you're better off using an actual programming language, even a simple one like Bash or AWK or sed. For example, using Bash:

( previous_line_matched= while IFS= read -r line ; do if [[ ! "$previous_line_matched" && "$line" == *xyz* ]] ; then echo "$line" fi if [[ "$line" == *jkl* ]] ; then previous_line_matched=1 else previous_line_matched= fi done < input_file )

Or, more tersely, using Perl:

perl -ne 'print if m/xyz/ && ! $skip; $skip = m/jkl/' < input_file


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