Extract struct from NSData in Swift


I'm making Game Center game. I send a data packet containing a struct MovePacket like this:

var packet = MovePacket(packetID: 1, move: myMove) let dataPacket = NSData(bytes: &packet, length: sizeof(MovePacket)) currentMatch!.sendDataToAllPlayers(dataPacket, withDataMode: GKMatchSendDataMode.Reliable, error: nil)

This works like in Objective-C, but I don't understand how to decode the received NSData back to my struct MovePacket. This is one of my tries:

func match(match: GKMatch!, didReceiveData data: NSData!, fromRemotePlayer player: GKPlayer!) { var packet : MovePacket data.getBytes(&packet, length: sizeof(MovePacket)) // getting error here: Address of variable 'packet' taken before it is initialized println(packet) //Variable 'packet' used before being initialized }


Assuming you meant “decode it back from <strong>NSData</strong>”:

func match(match: GKMatch!, didReceiveData data: NSData!, fromRemotePlayer player: GKPlayer!) { if data.length == sizeof(MovePacket) { let packet = UnsafePointer<MovePacket>(data.bytes).memory println(packet) } else { // error: data size is incorrect } }


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