Integer and not DECIMAL


Why I am getting Integer in this output (I am expecting DECIMAL) Database flavor is Teradata What am I doing wrong?

CASE WHEN sub_e.LSD IS NOT NULL THEN CAST(baba.amt AS DECIMAL(10,2)) ELSE 0 END - ( SUM( CASE WHEN sub_e.LSD IS NOT NULL THEN ch.actv_amt * (1 + ch.tax_percent_rate/100) ELSE 0 END ) ) + CASE WHEN sub_e.LSD IS NOT NULL THEN COALESCE(sub_e.PWC, 0) ELSE 0 END AS ODTS,


If TAX_RATE_PERCENT is not defined as a DECIMAL of <strong><em>sufficient precision</em></strong> then your calculation of (1 + TAX_RATE_PERCENT/100) will be incorrect.

SELECT 6/100; -- 0 (zero - Integer division)

SELECT 6.0/100; -- 0.1 (rounding rules based on precision of numerator)

SELECT 6.00/100; -- 0.06 (expected answer)

SELECT CAST(6 AS DECIMAL(2,1))/100; -- 0.1 (rounding rules based on precision of numerator)

SELECT CAST(6 AS DECIMAL(3,2))/100; -- 0.06 (expected answer)

For more details on DECIMAL data type behavior in Teradata see Dnoeth's explanation <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17574015/decimal-types-in-teradata" rel="nofollow">here</a>.


the problem was in the definition of a solumn inside the table where the result of the query above is doing INSERT


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