Show/Hide panels in ASP.net C# after submitting form


So in the process of combining my default.aspx form page with the confirm.aspx confirmation page, I had to create panels and show/hide them at the initial loading of the page.

The form is a comment/complaint form, so users will submit their info, and an e-mail is generated and sent to a web master.

I have 4 panels: Panels 1 + 3 show by default and are set to visible early in the script like so:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Panel1.Visible = true; Panel2.Visible = false; Panel3.Visible = true; Panel4.Visible = false; }

Basically, I want panels 1+3 to become hidden, and 2 + 4 to become visible once the user submits the form and no errors are found within the forum.

Would I run the script to change the visibility at the try function when an email is sent, or right before the frmReset function?

Also, is there a specific function I need that will switch the panels visibility AFTER submitting the form with no errors found? (Other than changing visibility to true or false)


According your comments, you will resolve your requirement in two steps.

1st, update your page load to avoid reverting visibility after you change it :

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if(!Page.IsPostBack){ Panel1.Visible = true; Panel2.Visible = false; Panel3.Visible = true; Panel4.Visible = false; } }

2nd, you have to change the visibility on the try method :

protected void Try_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Panel1.Visible = false; Panel2.Visible = true; Panel3.Visible = false; Panel4.Visible = true; }


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