php ? url string not working with variable


I am using PHP to make different messages display (using ècho) depending on the ? attached to the URL, like this: http://somthing.com/page.php?something=1. I attached a variable called code to the end of the URL: http://somthing.com/page.php?code=1.

<?php $code; if(code == 1){ echo "Your account has been created."; } else if(code == 2){ echo "Thank you for your feedback."; if(isset($_POST["sent"])){ echo "You will receive an email at " . $_POST["youremail"] . "."; } } ?>

I declared the variable on line 1. No message is displaying. What am I doing wrong here? <a href="http://sarkelliancreed.comule.com/contact" rel="nofollow">Page the php is on.</a>


<ul><li>You should set $_GET['code'] to $code variable</li> <li>You should add $ sign when using a variable</li> </ul><hr />

<strong>Fixed Code:</strong>

$code = isset( $_GET['code'] ) ? $_GET['code'] : 0; if ( $code == 1 ) { echo "Your account has been created."; } else if ( $code == 2 ) { echo "Thank you for your feedback."; if ( isset( $_POST["sent"] ) ) { echo "You will receive an email at " . $_POST["youremail"] . "."; } }


You need to get data from $_GET

Something like this:

$code = $GET["code"];


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