How to auto text wrap text in snap svg?


Using the following plugin and code you could wrap text where there is \n :

Snap.plugin(function (Snap, Element, Paper, glob) { Paper.prototype.multitext = function (x, y, txt) { txt = txt.split("\n"); var t = this.text(x, y, txt); t.selectAll("tspan:nth-child(n+2)").attr({ dy: "1.2em", x: x }); return t; }; });

// And you can use it like this:

var ttt = paper.multitext(100, 100, "Sample\nmultiline\ntext").attr({ font: "18px Arial", textAnchor: "middle" });

And it produces: <a href="http://jsbin.com/panaxujuta/1/edit?html,output" rel="nofollow">http://jsbin.com/panaxujuta/1/edit?html,output</a>

Smaple multiline text

How can I automate this process using a rect Width as the limit for the lines of a long phrase or paragraph ? I don't want to use the foreignobject in svg for the purpose that I need the text later on . A native svg solution please. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

<strong>Edit</strong>: Instead of splitting on \n how can we split on certain width of a line of a text?

<strong>Edit2</strong>: I have this code that uses the above plugin, why this wouldn't work?:

var phrase = "Etiam porttitor risus in ex blandit sodales. Ut cursus mi augue, sit amet interdum diam interdum sit amet. Nunc nec lectus ex."; var textBoxWidth = 400; var words = phrase.split(" "); var newPhrase = words[0]; var t1 = paper.multitext(10,50,newPhrase) .attr({ fill: "none", stroke:"orange", "text-anchor":"start", "font-size":"18px", "font-family":"Arial"}); for(i=1;i<words.length;i++){ t1.attr({"text":newPhrase + " " + words[i]}); if(t1.getBBox().width<=textBoxWidth){ newPhrase += " " + words[i]; } else { newPhrase += " \n" + words[i] ; } }


Thanks for posting this. I had some of the wrapping to length code, but was having trouble because I wasn't using the array version of text().

The issue is you have to know the font size before you can limit the string. I was able to make this based off your code and wrapping logic based off <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/a/9899369/9970" rel="nofollow">https://stackoverflow.com/a/9899369/9970</a>. Its not perfect and could be faster if you cached the letter widths per font/size.

Snap.plugin(function (Snap, Element, Paper, glob) { Paper.prototype.multitext = function (x, y, txt, max_width, attributes) { var svg = Snap(); var abc = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"; var temp = svg.text(0, 0, abc); temp.attr(attributes); var letter_width = temp.getBBox().width / abc.length; svg.remove(); var words = txt.split(" "); var width_so_far = 0, current_line=0, lines=['']; for (var i = 0; i < words.length; i++) { var l = words[i].length; if (width_so_far + (l * letter_width) > max_width) { lines.push(''); current_line++; width_so_far = 0; } width_so_far += l * letter_width; lines[current_line] += words[i] + " "; } var t = this.text(x,y,lines).attr(attributes); t.selectAll("tspan:nth-child(n+2)").attr({ dy: "1.2em", x: x }); return t; }; });

Used like so

var bobo = paper.multitext(50, 50, "bobo bobo bobo bobo bobo bobo bobo bobo bobo", 150, { "font-size": "30px" });


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