Pandas KeyError: “['value'] not in index”


I'm having some issues with the index from a Pandas data frame. What I'm trying to do is load data from a JSON file, create a Pandas data frame and then select specific fields from that data frame and send it to my database.

The following is a link to what's in the JSON file so you can see the fields actually exist: <a href="https://pastebin.com/Bzatkg4L" rel="nofollow">https://pastebin.com/Bzatkg4L</a>

import pandas as pd from pandas.io import sql import MySQLdb from sqlalchemy import create_engine # Open and read the text file where all the Tweets are with open('US_tweets.json') as f: tweets = f.readlines() # Convert the list of Tweets into a structured dataframe df = pd.DataFrame(tweets) # Attributes needed should be here df = df[['created_at', 'screen_name', 'id', 'country_code', 'full_name', 'lang', 'text']] # To create connection and write table into MySQL engine = create_engine("mysql+pymysql://{user}:{pw}@localhost/{db}" .format(user="blah", pw="blah", db="blah")) df.to_sql(con=engine, name='US_tweets_Table', if_exists='replace', flavor='mysql')

Thanks for your help!


Pandas doesn't map every object in the JSON file to a column in the dataframe. Your example file contains 24 columns:

with open('tweets.json') as f: df = pd.read_json(f, lines = True) df.columns


Index(['contributors', 'coordinates', 'created_at', 'entities', 'favorite_count', 'favorited', 'geo', 'id', 'id_str', 'in_reply_to_screen_name', 'in_reply_to_status_id', 'in_reply_to_status_id_str', 'in_reply_to_user_id', 'in_reply_to_user_id_str', 'is_quote_status', 'lang', 'metadata', 'place', 'retweet_count', 'retweeted', 'source', 'text', 'truncated', 'user'], dtype='object')

To dig deeper into the JSON data, I found this solution, but I hope a more elegant approach exists: <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18665284/how-do-i-access-embedded-json-objects-in-a-pandas-dataframe" rel="nofollow">How do I access embedded json objects in a Pandas DataFrame?</a>

For example, df['entities'].apply(pd.Series)['urls'].apply(pd.Series)[0].apply(pd.Series)['indices'][0][0] returns 117.

To access full_name and copy it to the df, try this: df['full_name'] = df['place'].apply(pd.Series)['full_name'], which returns 0 Austin, TX.


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