Macro increase value and then concatenate


I want to create a recursive Macro the will create the "next" class.


#define PRINTME(indexNum) class m_##(indexNum+1) { }

The indexNum + 1 is evaluated as an int, and won't concatenate to the class name.

How can I cause the compiler to evaluate that, before concatenating?


The simple answer is that you can't. The preprocessor generally deals in text and tokens; the only place arithmetic is carried out in in #if and #elif directives.

Also, macro expansion isn't recursive. During expansion, the macro being expanded is disabled, and is not available for further substitution.


If you want to generate unique class names every time the PRINTME is invoked then, following is one way:

#define CONCATE1(X,Y) X##Y #define CONCATE(X,Y) CONCATE1(X,Y) #define PRINTME class CONCATE(m_,__COUNTER__) {}

__COUNTER__ is an extension in gcc and I am not sure if it's present in other compilers. It's guaranteed that compiler will add 1 every time this macro is invoked.<br /> (In this case, you cannot use __LINE__ or __FILE__ effectively.)

<a href="http://ideone.com/m3s2t" rel="nofollow">Demo</a>.


Well it is doable, based on your motivation and ability to endure ugly code. First off define increment macro:

#define PLUS_ONE(x) PLUS_ONE_##x #define PLUS_ONE_0 1 #define PLUS_ONE_1 2 #define PLUS_ONE_2 3 #define PLUS_ONE_3 4 #define PLUS_ONE_4 5 #define PLUS_ONE_5 6 #define PLUS_ONE_7 8 #define PLUS_ONE_8 9 #define PLUS_ONE_9 10 // and so on...

You can't just use PLUS_ONE(x) in concatenation operation, since preprocessor won't expand it. There is a way, however - you can abuse the fact that the preprocessor expands variadic arguments.

// pass to variadic macro to expand an argument #define PRINTME(indexNum) PRINTME_PRIMITIVE(PLUS_ONE(indexNum)) // do concatenation #define PRINTME_PRIMITIVE(...) class m_ ## __VA_ARGS__ { }


PRINTME(1); // expands to class m_2 { };

Have you considered using templates instead?


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