How to use conditional for this query in Laravel 5.2


Here is the scenario

Table: Users

id | name | grade | subject ---- | ------|--------|------ 1 | Mark | a | science 2 | Earl | a | english 3 | John | c | english 4 | Mike | d | science 5 | Matt | e | english

What I want to do is populate the grades that are non-repeating or non-duplicate grades but for english subject only

So it should just show

c e <hr />

I've got this far


$grades = user::select('grade', DB::raw('COUNT(grade) as gradecount')) ->where('subject', 'english') ->groupBy('grade') ->having('gradecount', '=',1) ->get();


@foreach ($grades as $grade) {{ $grade }} @endforeach

However, this query gives this

a c e


You'll want to do something like this:

SELECT grade FROM Users WHERE id IN ( SELECT id FROM Users GROUP BY grade HAVING COUNT( grade ) = 1 ) AND subject = 'english'`

Query builder has a ->whereIn that you should be able to use. Too lazy to test, but something like this may work.

$ids = user::select('id') ->groupBy('grade') ->having('gradecount', '=',1) ->get(); $grades = user::select('grade') ->whereIn('id', $ids) ->where('subject', 'english') ->get();


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