CakeResque - Resque not found in …app/Plugin/CakeResque/Lib/CakeResque.php on line 82


CakeResque - Resque not found in ...app/Plugin/CakeResque/Lib/CakeResque.php on line 82

I've followed the instructions here: <a href="http://cakeresque.kamisama.me/install#requirements" rel="nofollow">http://cakeresque.kamisama.me/install#requirements</a> to setup CakeResque with my CakePHP project but the Resque class isn't loading. I installed CakeResque using Composer and I'm assuming I'm missing something (possible autoloader) but with no luck.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Got help at github. I had missed adding composer autoloader in my app/Config/core.php per the instructions.


make sure the vendor directory is mentioned in the app/composer.json

{ "require": { "kamisama/cake-resque": "^4.1" }, "config": { "vendor-dir": "Vendor" } }

in the app/Config/core.php require the autoload

require_once dirname(__DIR__) . '/Vendor/autoload.php';


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