.NET Regex Unrecognized grouping construct


I am trying to translate a regex from Python to C#, but i am having some problems as i keep getting the error Unrecognized grouping construct.

^(?:\[(?P<release_group>.+?)\][ ._-]*) (?P<series_name>.+?)[ ._-]+ (?P<ep_ab_num>\d{1,3}) (-(?P<extra_ab_ep_num>\d{1,3}))?[ ._-]+? (?:v(?P<version>[0-9]))? (?:[\w\.]*) (?:(?:(?:[\[\(])(?P<extra_info>\d{3,4}[xp]?\d{0,4}[\.\w\s-]*)(?:[\]\)]))|(?:\d{3,4}[xp])) (?:[ ._]?\[(?P<crc>\w+)\])? .*?

What is giving me the error Unrecognized grouping construct in this regex?


(?P<groupname>...) becomes (?<groupname>...) in .NET regexes. Just remove the P. Same semantics.


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