Ansible - Run Task Against Hosts in a with_together Fashion


I am currently taking two hosts and dynamically adding them to a group, followed by a synchronize task using with_together to use 3 lists of 2 elements in parallel to copy the specified files between two remote servers.

Here's an example based on the idea:

--- - name: Configure Hosts for Copying hosts: localhost gather_facts: no tasks: - name: Adding given hosts to new group... add_host: name: "{{ item }}" groups: copy_group with_items: - ["remoteDest1", "remoteDest2"] - name: Copy Files between servers hosts: copy_group gather_facts: no tasks: - name: Copying files... synchronize: src: "{{ item[1] }}" dest: "{{ item[2] }}" with_together: - ["remoteSrc1", "remoteSrc2"] - ["/tmp/remote/source/one/", "/tmp/remote/source/two/"] - ["/tmp/remote/dest/one/", "/tmp/remote/dest/two/"] delegate_to: "{{ item[0] }}"

Currently, it does both operations for both servers, resulting in 4 operations.

I need it to synchronize like so:

<ul><li>copy /tmp/remote/source/one/ from remoteSrc1 to /tmp/remote/dest/one/ on remoteDest1 </li> <li>copy /tmp/remote/source/two/ from remoteSrc2 to /tmp/remote/dest/two/ on remoteDest2</li> </ul>

Which would mean it's a 1:1 ratio; essentially acting on the hosts in the same manner as with_together does for the lists.

The hosts are obtained dynamically, so I can't just make a different play for each host.

Since synchronize is essentially simplified version of rsync, then if there's a simple solution for this using rsync directly, then it would be much appreciated.


There isn't native functionality for this, so this is how I solved it:

Given the original task, add the following two lines:

- "{{ groups['copy_group'] }}" when: inventory_hostname == item[3]

To get:

- name: Copying files... synchronize: src: "{{ item[1] }}" dest: "{{ item[2] }}" with_together: - ["remoteSrc1", "remoteSrc2"] - ["/tmp/remote/source/one/", "/tmp/remote/source/two/"] - ["/tmp/remote/dest/one/", "/tmp/remote/dest/two/"] - "{{ groups['copy_group'] }}" delegate_to: "{{ item[0] }}" when: inventory_hostname == item[3]

Essentially, by adding the hosts as a list, they can be used in the when statement to execute the task only when the current host (inventory_hostname) matches the host currently being indexed in the list.

The result is that the play only runs against each host once in a serial manner with the other list items that have the same index.


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