making latest commit master (git)


Here's what I usually do:

$ git add . -Av $ git commit -m "I want this to be master"

but when I try to push to remote, "everything is up-to-date" and the latest commit isn't master.

$ git branch * (HEAD detached from f0efe1a) added_mongodb_auth master serviceworkers_branch

How can I make the latest commit the Master?


Looking at the output of git branch, it appears you're not currently on any branch (called a "detached HEAD" state).

To be on the safe side, first create a new branch ("save-my-work") containing the commits you've created so far:

$ git branch save-my-work

Now, to include these commits in the master branch:

$ git checkout master $ git merge save-my-work

Now you should by able to push as usual. If you're sure that master is in the state that you want it, you can delete save-my-work again:

$ git branch -d save-my-work <hr />

Tip: Use a graphical repository viewer like gitk to have a better overview of the state of the repository.


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