How to convert Regular Date to unixtime in Javascript?


How can i convert date which looks like this 12092008 to unixtime like this 1221215809


You may want to use the following:

function covertToUnixTime(yourDate) { return new Date(yourDate.substring(4, 8) + '/' + yourDate.substring(2, 4) + '/' + yourDate.substring(0, 2)).getTime() / 1000; } covertToUnixTime('12092008'); // Returns: 1221170400


You could use jQuery datepicker's <a href="http://jqueryui.com/demos/datepicker/" rel="nofollow">utility</a> functions, parseDate and formatDate.


This worked for me.

var day = $("#day").val(); var month = $("#month").val(); var year = $("#year").val(); var date = new Date(); date.setFullYear(year, month, day) var unixtimeMS = date.getTime(); var unixtime = parseInt(unixtimeMS / 1000); alert(unixtime);


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