How to share one static variable with multiple translation unit?


I want to make an array static and also want to reference it in the other translation unit. Then I define it as static int array[100] = {...}, and declare it in other translation unit as extern int array[]. But the compiler tells me that the storage class of static and extern conflict with each other, how could I pass it and still reach my goal?


Remove the static. Just have the int array[100] = {...}; in one .cpp file, and have extern int array[100]; in the header file.

static in this context means that other translation units can't see it. That obviously conflicts with the extern directive.


static in file scope is pretty much a declare-private directive to the assembler. It is most certainly different than static in class or function scope.

E.g. in zlib, #define LOCAL static is used.


Instead of making the variable global, consider leaving it static and adding public accessors and modifiers to it. It's not a great thing to directly couple to naked variables in other modules.


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