Printing string between pattern using sed


I have to extract the first parameter of the following function calls using sed.

strlcpy(p->name,getInfo(NULL,&account)); strlcpy(p->balance,getInfo(NULL,&account)); strlcpy(p->number,getInfo(NULL,&account)); strlcpy(p->address,getInfo(NULL,&account));

Expecting the result of string as below.

p->name p->balance p->number p->address

The following command prints the additional details, I am expecting only the first parameters.

sed -n 's/strlcpy(\(.*\),/\1/p' kk.txt p->name,getInfo(NULL&account)); p->balance,getInfo(NULL&account)); p->number,getInfo(NULL&account)); p->address,getInfo(NULL&account));


sed -n 's/.*strlcpy(\([^,]*\).*/\1/p' kk.txt


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