Using datareaders with sqltransactions


I am using SqlTransactions in my code for roll back purpose. Within the transaction I got multiple statements to be executed with may include selects inserts and updates. All these statements are within the scope of the sqltransaction. Everything works fine just for one problem. I am using datareaders for select statements . And these readers are closed once they are used. This forces the connection to be lost and every thing fails. Does any one have a solution on whether I can use datareaders within a sqltransaction??


A DataReader will only close the connection if the CommandBehavior.CloseConnection option was set when calling ExecuteReader.

You should be OK if you avoid setting this option.


You should open the SqlConnection by itself.<br /> The SqlDataReader doesn't close the SqlConnection when you close the DataReader

For example:

using(SqlConnection cn = GetConnection()) { cn.Open(); SqlTransaction tr = cn.BeginTransaction("myTransaction"); ..... SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(sqlString, cn); using(SqlDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader()) { ..... } SqlCommand command1 = new SqlCommand(sqlString1, cn); using(SqlDataReader reader1 = command1.ExecuteReader()) { ..... } tr.Commit(); }


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