how to validate textinput within itemrenderer?


I have textinput within list itemrenderer like


<s:List id="videoAttachmentsList" itemRenderer.normalView="com.engage.discussion.attachment.renderers.VideoAttachmentRenderer" > <mx:button label="add" click=addevent(Event) />


<TextInput styleName="commonTextInput" prompt="Enter a video header" id="headerText" x="75" width="185" height="21" bottom="5" fontSize="10" maxChars="30"/> <fx:Declarations> <mx:StringValidator source="{headerText}" property="text" required="true" maxLength="30" requiredFieldError="Please enter video header"/> </fx:Declarations>

My doubts is when i click add button on (main.mxml) that time need validate headerText(Textinput)(VideoAttachmentRenderer.as) . is it possible to validate string withing itemRenderer. could u give any guidance ?


override the set data method and trigger the validation in there


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