Converting input number to Mysql decimal


I'm trying to store decimals taken from input in a Mysql decimal (10,2) row. But when I enter 37.50 in the input, Mysql only stores 37.00 It seems to disregard everything after the dot. How can I store decimals?

<strong>this the input</strong>

<input class='form-control formBlock' name='payrate' value='' step="0.01" type='number' placeholder="Pay Rate..." required>

So far I tried float:



<strike>It's unclear what you are asking. (Was there a question? Or was all that just intended as a status report?)</strike>

In a numeric context ...

MySQL interprets a "dot" character in a numeric literal as a decimal point.

MySQL interprets a "comma" character as <em>invalid</em>. MySQL reads the value from left to right until it hits an invalid character, and takes whatever it has read as the value.

As a demonstration, consider

SELECT '123,456.78' + 0 --> 123 SELECT '4t2' + 0 --> 4 <hr />

If we need to pass a numeric value into MySQL that contains commas, and we want MySQL to disregard the commas, then we can remove the commas

SELECT REPLACE('123,456.78',',','') + 0 --> 123456.78

If we want a comma treated as the decimal separator, we can replace it with a dot character

SELECT REPLACE('456,78',',','.') + 0 --> 456.78

Of course, we could also do that string manipulation and cleanup of the value in the client, before we pass the value to MySQL.

<strike>Not sure if any of that answers the question you asked. Was there a question?</strike>


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