Rails - Create parent and child at the same time in has_one belongs_to


I'm sur I do it wrong, but I can't see where. I've got this two models :

<strong>Subscription.rb (child)</strong>

class Subscription < ActiveRecord::Base attr_accessible :state, :subscriber_id, :subscriber_type, :last_payment belongs_to :subscriber, polymorphic: true validates :subscriber_id, presence: true validates :subscriber_type, presence: true end

<strong>restorer.rb (Parent)</strong>

class Restorer < User attr_accessible :firstname, :lastname, :restaurant_attributes, :subscription_attributes has_one :restaurant, dependent: :destroy, :autosave => true has_one :subscription, as: :subscriber, :autosave => true accepts_nested_attributes_for :restaurant accepts_nested_attributes_for :subscription end

When I want two create a new restorer, and a new subscription (at the same time) It doesn't work :

def create @restorer = Restorer.create params[:restorer] @restaurant = @restorer.build_restaurant params[:restorer][:restaurant_attributes] @subscription = @restorer.build_subscription params[:restorer][:subscription_attributes] if @restorer.save ... else ... end end


Looking at the comments and your code, it looks like the reason it isn't working is because of the validations on Subscriber. Restorer has one Subscription and Subscription belongs to a Subscriber. Nowhere are you creating the subscriber, hence why the subscription is failing it's validation. You need to either remove the validations, or set those validated properties (subscriber_id and subscriber_type) on Subscriber.

It's kinda a bit gross what you are trying to do in your create, but it should look something like this if you are going to do it that way:

def create @restorer = Restorer.create params[:restorer] # These two lines aren't needed if you are accepting nested attributes @restaurant = @restorer.build_restaurant params[:restorer][:restaurant_attributes] @subscription = @restorer.build_subscription params[:restorer][:subscription_attributes] subscriber = Subscriber.new params[:subscriber] @subscription.subscriber = subscriber if @restorer.save ... else ... end end

Btw, its better to validate the relationship subscriber rather than the id subscriber_id:

validates :subscriber, presence: true


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