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I accessed to the API access of Google play developer console, because I want to set up Publishing API. But the error in the title has occurred, so I can't continue the setup.

<a href="https://i.stack.imgur.com/bSPQR.png" rel="nofollow"><img alt="enter image description here" class="b-lazy" data-src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/bSPQR.png" data-original="https://i.stack.imgur.com/bSPQR.png" src="https://etrip.eimg.top/images/2019/05/07/timg.gif" /></a>


I contacted google support from bellow url as Opiatefuchs said, then it has been fixed in a few days.

<a href="https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/contact/otherbugs?hl=ja&ec=bugs&cfsi=bugs_cf&cfnti=escalationflow.email&cft=3" rel="nofollow">https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/contact/otherbugs?hl=ja&ec=bugs&cfsi=bugs_cf&cfnti=escalationflow.email&cft=3</a>

<a href="https://i.stack.imgur.com/dXg8k.png" rel="nofollow"><img alt="enter image description here" class="b-lazy" data-src="https://i.stack.imgur.com/dXg8k.png" data-original="https://i.stack.imgur.com/dXg8k.png" src="https://etrip.eimg.top/images/2019/05/07/timg.gif" /></a>


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