In <strong><em>BaseDemoActivity.java</em></strong> from Google Drive Demo app

<a href="https://github.com/googledrive/android-demos/blob/master/src/com/google/android/gms/drive/sample/demo/BaseDemoActivity.java" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/googledrive/android-demos/blob/master/src/com/google/android/gms/drive/sample/demo/BaseDemoActivity.java</a>


Please provide steps to get this values

/** * DriveId of an existing folder to be used as a parent folder in * folder operations samples. */ public static final String EXISTING_FOLDER_ID = "????"; /** * DriveId of an existing file to be used in file operation samples.. */ public static final String EXISTING_FILE_ID = "????"; /** * Extra for account name. */ protected static final String EXTRA_ACCOUNT_NAME = "????";



The first part, EXISTING_FOLDER_ID,EXISTING_FILE_ID, is answered in <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/21800257/where-did-the-createfromresourceid-go" rel="nofollow">SO 21800257</a>, but be careful. You can't just go to a web Drive interface, create a file, copy/paste its resource id ... Google Drive Android API (GDAA) supports only FILE scope, so only files, folders created by <strong>your</strong> Android App are eligible.

EXTRA_ACCOUNT_NAME is a name of your Google (gmail) account (myaccount@gmail.com). That's the one you would need here:

GoogleApiClient mGac = new GoogleApiClient.Builder(contex) .addApi(com.google.android.gms.drive.Drive.API) .addScope(com.google.android.gms.drive.Drive.SCOPE_FILE) .setAccountName(EXTRA_ACCOUNT_NAME) .addConnectionCallbacks(context).addOnConnectionFailedListener(context) .build();

but I'm not sure the demo even addresses this. You would use it if your Android App allowed switching between different accounts.


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