Setting Base class attribute from outside


I want use a base class property in my derived classes. Also, I have to pass the property value from outside. I can think of the following two approaches:

Approach 1:

class Mydata { } class Converter1:Converter { void Converter1(Mydata data1) { data = data1; } public void Convert() { // USING "data" here } } class Converter2 : Converter { void Converter2(Mydata data2) { data = data1; } public void Convert() { //USING "data" here } }

When creating the objects I can create like following:

Mydata data1 =new Mydata() Mydata data2 =new Mydata() Coverter cObj= Converter1(data1 ) cObj.Convert() Coverter cObj1= Converter2(data2 ) cObj1.Convert();

Approach 2:

class Mydata { } class Covnerter1:Converter { public void Convert() { // USING "data" here } } class Converter2 : Converter { public void Convert() { // USING "data" here } }

When creating the objects I can create like following and the set the property value in the base class.

Mydata data1 =new Mydata() Mydata data2 =new Mydata() Coverter cObj= Converter1() cObj.data = data1; cObj.Convert() Coverter cObj1= Converter2() cObj1.data =data2 cObj1.Convert()

Which approach is better? Or any other better approach?


Ignoring the "Converter" strangeness...

In terms of "better as sharing more code and encapsulating data": Often if you need to set property of base class you can do it via base class constructor:

class Base { public MyData { get; private set; } public Base(MyData data) { MyData = data; } } class Derived : Base { public Derived(MyData data):base(data) {} // Methods that use MyData here... }


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