R programming fixing error


Hi guys I asked a similar question about this <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14983347/how-to-handle-more-than-multiple-sets-of-data-in-r-programming/14984173#comment21098039_14984173" rel="nofollow">here</a> previously and I got some really awesome answers. But it turns out I have more data I need to work with sadly. So I have sample data in this format which is generated using head(data). So I have 3 specimens with their own Time and speed data....I'm not exactly using speed for my actual data

Time Speed Time.1 Speed.1 Time.2 Speed.2 Error in unique.default(x) : unique() applies only to vectors

Would it be possible for you guys to tell me what to do? I can do this in excel with a formula but I have so much data that excel crashes so I really need 'R' but have very minimal knowledge about it...thanks guys....


Run the same code. Why are you editing by=3? You want to create idx = 1, 3, 5 .... by=3, will create 1, 4, 7.... Your data, as long as it is in the format Time, data, Time, data, Time, data, ..., ..., you can use the <strong>same</strong> code

require(IRanges) # by equals 2 because we want to get the `Time` column index every time idx <- seq(1, ncol(data), by=2) # idx is now 1, 3, 5. It will be passed one value at a time to `i`. # that is, `i` will take values 1 first, then 3 and then 5 and each time # the code within is executed. o <- lapply(idx, function(i) { ir1 <- IRanges(start=seq(0, max(data[[i]]), by=401), width=401) ir2 <- IRanges(start=data[[i]], width=1) t <- findOverlaps(ir1, ir2) d <- data.frame(mean=tapply(data[[i+1]], queryHits(t), mean)) cbind(as.data.frame(ir1), d) })

gives me for this data:

# > o # [[1]] # start end width mean # 1 0 400 401 1.05 # # [[2]] # start end width mean # 1 0 400 401 1.1 # # [[3]] # start end width mean # 1 0 400 401 1.383333


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