Comparing custom objects c#


I have the following situation:

I have a loop which could loop any amount of times. Within that loop I am calling a method which returns a List<CustomClass> After I have run through the loop I need to be able to compare all the List<CustomClass> items from each list and see which ones are common between all of them. In order to do this I have tried to put all the List<CustomClass> into another list: List<List<CustomClass> and then I need to use all of these to see which ones exist in all of them. I will be comparing on one property of my CustomClass (string Name)

This is what I have so far

public class CustomClass { public string name; } public List<CustomClass> SomeMethod() { List<List<CustomClass>> bigList = new List<List<CustomClass>>(); List<CustomClass> finalList = new List<CustomClass>(); for (int i=0;i<=5;i++) { List<List<CustomClass>> newList = GetNewList(); bigList.Add(newList); } //I now need to compare everything in bigList and create a new list with all common //items in the list of bigList. return finalList ; } public List<CustomClass> GetNewList() { List<CustomClass> newList = new List<CustomClass>(); for (int i=0;i<=5;i++) { CustomClass newClass = new CustomClass(); newClass.name = "some name"; newList.Add(newClass); } return newList; {

I hope this makes sense. Any help on this is much appreciated.



For example in List<List<CustomClass>> each List<CustomClass> contains a CustomClass with name set to "Pete", I then want to create a CustomClass with name set to "Pete" and add it to the final list.



see which ones are common between all of them


Use the Intersect extension method:

var common = list1.Intersect(list2);

Note that for this to work, you should either:

<ul><li>override Equals and GetHashCode in CustomClass</li> <li>make CustomClass implement IEquatable<CustomClass></li> <li>provide Intersect with a custom comparer that implements IEqualityComparer<CustomClass></li> </ul>


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