Going to Specific tab in oracle forms


I have 3 radio button A ,B, C and I have 3 tab page in the canvas A, B,C.

My Requirement is if user select radio A and press Submit button then tab A Should get activated and my cursor got to tab A.


If it is enabled and visible then you can use the following commands:




If you don't need to go to a specific item then use the second command go_block.


To enable a tab page:


If the tab page was not visible you should make it visible first:


In order to navigate to that tab page, the easiest way to accomplish that is by going to a navigable item that is in that tab page:



here is the easiest way to do this

In the following code, I supposed that the radio button name is: RADIO_BTN and it's value is 'A'

<ol><li>open submit button properties and set 'keyboard navigation'= No and 'mouse navigation'= No</li> <li>on tab A create a dummy item (not database item) and name it A, with width=0 and height=0 so the user will not see it, or use a real item name on tab A</li> <li>

open trigger when_button_pressed on submit button and write the following code.

IF :RADIO_BTN = 'A' THEN /*replace this with your radio_btn name and value */ GO_ITEM('A'); /*go to dummy item in tab A or to real item in tab A */ END IF;

</li> </ol>


First you have to set the tab page as top most using set_tab_page_property(top_most_tab_page,'tab_page_name'). after that use go_item('block_name.item_name');


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