Backbone.js - 404 jQuery error on navigate


Navigation is not working as I expected, when I trigger goToTournament (see below) the current view just re-renders and I get a jQuery 404 not found error on the console. The URL is changing appropriately and the correct route method is being triggered as well.

// js/views/home.js define([ 'jquery', 'jquerym', 'underscore', 'backbone', 'models/tournaments/featured', 'collections/home', 'text!/templates/home.html' ], function($, JQM, _, Backbone, FeaturedModel, HomeCollection, homeTemplate) { var HomeView = Backbone.View.extend({ el: $('#site-main'), events: { 'click .tournament': 'goToTournament' }, initialize: function() { this.render(); }, render: function() { var homeCollection = new HomeCollection(); homeCollection.fetch({ success: function() { var data = {tournaments: homeCollection.toJSON()}; var compiledTemplate = _.template(homeTemplate, data); $('#site-main').html(compiledTemplate); $('.main-content').fadeTo(500, 1); return this; } }); }, goToTournament: function(e) { this; var t_id = $(e.currentTarget).data('id'); var router = new Backbone.Router(); router.navigate('tournament/' + t_id, {trigger: true}) } }); return HomeView; }); // js/router.js define([ 'jquery', 'underscore', 'backbone', 'views/home', 'views/tournament', 'collections/tournament' ], function($, _, Backbone, HomeView, TournamentView, TournamentCollection) { var AppRouter = Backbone.Router.extend({ routes: { '': 'home', 'tournament/:id': 'tournament' } }); var initialize = function() { var app_router = new AppRouter; app_router.on('route:home', function() { var homeView = new HomeView(); }); app_router.on('route:tournament', function(id) { var tournament = new TournamentCollection({ id: id }); tournament.fetch({ success: function() { var tournamentView = new TournamentView({collection: tournament}); } }); }); Backbone.history.start(); }; return { initialize: initialize }; });


I got it working by completely disabling jquery mobile's loading method. I made a jqm-config.js file and made sure it was caled before jquery mobile itself.


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