ASP.NET MapPath to the root of the Solution


I'm having trouble selecting the root of the solution in my ASP.NET Application. I have three applications inside this solution, a Web app, an API and an app for Reports. I was trying to select my Reports app from the Web app in code using Server.MapPath but I can't get to the folder.

I tried Server.MapPath("\Tagus.TMS.Reports/Media/VoyageControlReport.rpt") from inside the web app.

How can I get that app path?


The Server.MapPath will use the "application level of IIS" to determine the path returned.

So the path returned is the physcial location of the root of the application (web site) + what ever parameter you pushed into the "MapPath" method.

I would advise you to make a "/Data" directory in your website and use the "Server.MapPath("/Data/dataFileToLoad.rpt") to get the physcial path.

It also gives you a nice isolation for your data files (rpt) versus your runtime files (dll's).

Hope this helps,


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