enable and disable textbox by using button click


I have multiple of textbox...each textbox have own button to enable or disable . How to do it ? I have already try this

$('#disablebutton').click(function(){ $('#textfieldToClose').attr('disable'); }); <input type="text" name="text11" readonly="readonly" id="textfieldToClose"> <input type="button" value="edit" name="button1" id="disablebutton">



$(document).ready(function(){ $('#disablebutton').click(function(){ if($('#textfieldToClose').prop('disabled')) { $('#textfieldToClose').prop('disabled', false) } else{ $('#textfieldToClose').prop('disabled', true) } }); })

or with Read only:

$(document).ready(function(){ $('#disablebutton').click(function(){ if($('#textfieldToClose').prop('readonly')) { $('#textfieldToClose').removeAttr('readonly'); } else{ $('#textfieldToClose').attr('readonly', 'readonly') } }); });

Because you only select the attr but, don't do anything with. <a href="http://jsfiddle.net/AvEP7/1/" rel="nofollow">Live demo</a>


Try this:

$('#disablebutton').click(function(){ $(this).prev().attr("disabled", "disabled"); });

<strong><a href="http://jsfiddle.net/NLvBT/" rel="nofollow">Working Demo</a></strong>


$('#disablebutton').click(function(){ $('#textfieldToClose').attr('disabled', 'disabled'); //sett the `disabled` attribute on the element });

$('#textfieldToClose').attr('disable') did not work because you were just quering an attribute disable on the element which doesn't even exist. The correct name is disabled


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