Set default dropdown bindLabel in @ng-select/ng-select on self change event in Angular?


I have one scenario where i want to set default value to null in <strong>ng-select</strong>. if user select dropdown first then on change event should check Amount model is not null or blank afterward if Amount model is blank then ng-select should be set to null

In Html component

<input type="text" [(ngModel)]="Amount"/><br/><br/> <label>Your ng-select</label><br/> <ng-select [items]="currencyList" bindLabel="name" bindValue="name" placeholder="Select Currency" [(ngModel)]="selectedCurrency" (change)="onChangeDropdown()"> </ng-select><br/>

In typescript on change event function

onChangeDropdown(){ if(this.Amount){ }else{ this.selectedCurrency = null; alert("enter amount first"); } }

here i have attach link : <a href="https://stackblitz.com/edit/ng-select-fbpmsl?file=app/app.component.ts" rel="nofollow">link for dropdown example</a>

Even i also tested in normal html select dropdown this also show me as same output above

<select [(ngModel)]="selectedCurrency" class="form-control" (change)="onChangeDropdown()"> <option>--Select Currency--</option> <option *ngFor="let c of currencyList" value="{{c.id}}">{{c.name}}</option> </select>

It's only working for the first time, when I select more then once it's not working. Why this showing still INR or other currency name on dropdown list?


Change this.selectedCurrency value to undefined or empty string

onChangeDropdown(){ if(this.Amount){ }else{ this.selectedCurrency = {}; // or this.selectedCurrency = ''; alert("enter amount first"); } }


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