Display only the columns needed PowerShell


I have to display four columns but three of them each time, the column reference doesn't need to be displayed for a problem of space. This code allows to display cells which aren't in the column reference. When the cells match, the cell in the other columns disappears.


ComputerName OtherComputerName OtherComputer AndAgain infra-1 infra-852 infra-2 infra-99 infra-98 infra-85 infra-44 infra-23 infra-5 infra-8 infra-1 infra-10 infra-2 infra-55 infra-8 infra-70 infra-62 infra-5 infra-852 infra-5


$csv = Import-Csv .\test1.csv -Delimiter ';' $ref = @($csv.ComputerName) foreach ($row in $csv) { foreach ($col in 'OtherComputerName', 'OtherComputer', 'AndAgain') { if ($ref -contains $row.$col) { $row.$col = '' } } } $csv

the result on PS: I would like to not display the ComputerName column and retire the space between the cells.

OtherComputerName OtherComputer AndAgain ----------------- ------------- -------- infra-852 infra-99 infra-85 infra-44 infra-23 infra-8 infra-10 infra-55 infra-8 infra-70 infra-852

the expected result:

OtherComputerName OtherComputer AndAgain ----------------- ------------- -------- infra-852 infra-44 infra-99 infra-85 infra-8 infra-23 infra-8 infra-852 infra-10 infra-55 infra-70


You can either list all columns/properties to include

$csv | Select-Object OtherComputerName,OtherComputer,AndAgain

or use -ExcludeProperty to remove named ones - but then there must be a least one -Property (position 0 doesn't have to be written out, simply use an asterisk for all)

$csv | Select-Object * -ExcludeProperty ComputerName

Sample output here exactly matching your requirements:

OtherComputerName OtherComputer AndAgain ----------------- ------------- -------- infra-852 infra-99 infra-85 infra-44 infra-23 infra-8 infra-10 infra-55 infra-8 infra-70 infra-852

Not a table but a single shrinked col:

$csv|select Othercomputer|where Othercomputer -ne ''

Sample output:

OtherComputer ------------- infra-44 infra-8 infra-852


This should do your work:

$csv = Import-Csv .\test1.csv -Delimiter ';' $ref = @($csv.ComputerName) foreach ($row in $csv) { foreach ($col in 'OtherComputerName', 'OtherComputer', 'AndAgain') { if ($ref -contains $row.$col) { $row.$col = '' } } } $csv | Select-Object ComputerName , AndAgain


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