GNU parallel: output each job to a different file without pipes



This question is very close to <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22187834/gnu-parallel-output-each-job-to-a-different-file" rel="nofollow">this other</a>, but that answer is not valid for me, I think due to my shell script does not work with pipes.


This is my multi-job command :

parallel "./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15" ::: $(seq 0 2)

I would like output to something like:

file0.out file1.out file2.out

I don't know where should I put the <strong>redirector</strong> >.

I have tested with no luck:

parallel ./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15 ">" file{}.out ::: $(seq 0 1) parallel ./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15 ::: $(seq 0 1) ">" file{}.out

My <strong>script</strong> works in this way:

./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15 0 ./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15 1 ./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15 2

So output would go (for the above manual unparallelized example) to file0.out, file1.out and file2.out.

What is the correct way to redirect <strong>each job</strong> to a different file?

Further unsuccessful tests:

parallel --files file{}.out "./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15" ::: $(seq 0 2)


I find that the --dry-run option is a great way to debug <strong>GNU Parallel</strong> commands. Basically, it tells you what it would do without actually doing anything - it also saves me having to write a dummy <em>"ClientesActivos"</em> script and we all know how good my Spanish isn't ;-)

So, to your immediate question, if you try this, I think what it shows is what you want to do:

$ parallel --dry-run ./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15 {} ">" file{}.out ::: {0..1} ./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15 0 > file0.out ./ClientesActivos-AP-N.sh -t 15 1 > file1.out


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