awk count selective combinations only:


Would like to read and count the field value == "TRUE" only from 3rd field to 5th field.


Locationx,Desc,A,B,C,Locationy ab123,Name1,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name2,TRUE,FALSE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name2,FALSE,FALSE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name1,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name2,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name3,FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,ab1234 ab123,Name3,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,ab1234 ab123,Name3,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,ab1234 ab123,Name3,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,ab1234 ab123,Name1,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,ab1234

While reading the headers from 3rd field to 5th field , i,e A, B, C want to generate unique combinations and permutations like A,B,C,AB,AC,AB,ABC only. Note: AA, BB, CC, BA etc excluded

If the "TRUE" is considered for "AB" combination count then it should not be considered for "A" conut & "B" count again to avoid duplicate ..


Locationx,Desc,A,B,C,Locationy ab123,Name1,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,ab1234


Desc,A,B,C,AB,AC,BC,ABC Name1,,,,,,,1


Locationx,Desc,A,B,C,Locationy ab123,Name1,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,ab1234


Desc,A,B,C,AB,AC,BC,ABC Name1,,,,1,,,


Locationx,Desc,A,B,C,Locationy ab123,Name1,FALSE,TRUE,FALSE,ab1234


Desc,A,B,C,AB,AC,BC,ABC Name1,,1,,,,,

Desired Output:

Desc,A,B,C,AB,AC,BC,ABC Name1,,,,1,,,2 Name2,,,1,,1,,1 Name3,1,,,2,,,

Actual File is like below :



Have tried lot , nothing is materialised , any suggestions please !!!

Edit: Desired Output from Actual Input:


Don't have Perl and Python access !!!


I have written a perl script that does this for you. As you can see from the size and comments, it is really simple to get this done.

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use autodie; use Algorithm::Combinatorics qw(combinations); ## change the file to the path where your file exists open my $fh, '<', 'file'; my (%data, @new_labels); ## capture the header line in an array my @header = split /,/, <$fh>; ## backup the header my @fields = @header; ## remove first, second and last columns @header = splice @header, 2, -1; ## generate unique combinations for my $iter (1 .. +@header) { my $combination = combinations(\@header, $iter); while (my $pair = $combination->next) { push @new_labels, "@$pair"; } } ## iterate through rest of the file while(my $line = <$fh>) { my @line = split /,/, $line; ## identify combined labels that are true my @is_true = map { $fields[$_] } grep { $line[$_] eq "TRUE" } 0 .. $#line; ## increment counter in hash map keyed at description and then new labels ++$data{$line[1]}{$_} for map { s/ /-/g; $_ } "@is_true"; } ## print the new header print join ( ",", "Desc", map {s/ /-/g; $_} reverse @new_labels ) . "\n"; ## print the description and counter values for my $desc (sort keys %data){ print join ( ",", $desc, ( map { $data{$desc}{$_} //= "" } reverse @new_labels ) ) . "\n"; } <h3>Output:</h3> Desc,INCOMING-OUTGOING-SMS-RECHARGE-DEBIT-DATA,OUTGOING-SMS-RECHARGE-DEBIT-DATA,INCOMING-SMS-RECHARGE-DEBIT-DATA,INCOMING-OUTGOING-RECHARGE-DEBIT-DATA,INCOMING-OUTGOING-SMS-DEBIT-DATA,INCOMING-OUTGOING-SMS-RECHARGE-DATA,INCOMING-OUTGOING-SMS-RECHARGE-DEBIT,SMS-RECHARGE-DEBIT-DATA,OUTGOING-RECHARGE-DEBIT-DATA,OUTGOING-SMS-DEBIT-DATA,OUTGOING-SMS-RECHARGE-DATA,OUTGOING-SMS-RECHARGE-DEBIT,INCOMING-RECHARGE-DEBIT-DATA,INCOMING-SMS-DEBIT-DATA,INCOMING-SMS-RECHARGE-DATA,INCOMING-SMS-RECHARGE-DEBIT,INCOMING-OUTGOING-DEBIT-DATA,INCOMING-OUTGOING-RECHARGE-DATA,INCOMING-OUTGOING-RECHARGE-DEBIT,INCOMING-OUTGOING-SMS-DATA,INCOMING-OUTGOING-SMS-DEBIT,INCOMING-OUTGOING-SMS-RECHARGE,RECHARGE-DEBIT-DATA,SMS-DEBIT-DATA,SMS-RECHARGE-DATA,SMS-RECHARGE-DEBIT,OUTGOING-DEBIT-DATA,OUTGOING-RECHARGE-DATA,OUTGOING-RECHARGE-DEBIT,OUTGOING-SMS-DATA,OUTGOING-SMS-DEBIT,OUTGOING-SMS-RECHARGE,INCOMING-DEBIT-DATA,INCOMING-RECHARGE-DATA,INCOMING-RECHARGE-DEBIT,INCOMING-SMS-DATA,INCOMING-SMS-DEBIT,INCOMING-SMS-RECHARGE,INCOMING-OUTGOING-DATA,INCOMING-OUTGOING-DEBIT,INCOMING-OUTGOING-RECHARGE,INCOMING-OUTGOING-SMS,DEBIT-DATA,RECHARGE-DATA,RECHARGE-DEBIT,SMS-DATA,SMS-DEBIT,SMS-RECHARGE,OUTGOING-DATA,OUTGOING-DEBIT,OUTGOING-RECHARGE,OUTGOING-SMS,INCOMING-DATA,INCOMING-DEBIT,INCOMING-RECHARGE,INCOMING-SMS,INCOMING-OUTGOING,DATA,DEBIT,RECHARGE,SMS,OUTGOING,INCOMING Name1,,,,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Name2,,,,1,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Name3,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,

<strong>Note:</strong> Please revisit your expected output. It has few mistakes in it as you can see from the output generated from the script above.


Here is an attempt at solving this using awk:

<h3>Content of script.awk</h3> BEGIN { FS = OFS = "," } function combinations(flds, itr, i, pre) { for (i=++cnt; i<=numRecs; i++) { ++n sep = "" for (pre=1; pre<=itr; pre++) { newRecs[n] = newRecs[n] sep (sprintf ("%s", flds[pre])); sep = "-" } newRecs[n] = newRecs[n] sep (sprintf ("%s", flds[i])) ; } } NR==1 { for (fld=3; fld<NF; fld++) { recs[++numRecs] = $fld } for (iter=0; iter<numRecs; iter++) { combinations(recs, iter) } next } !seen[$2]++ { desc[++d] = $2 } { y = 0; var = sep = "" for (idx=3; idx<NF; idx++) { if ($idx == "TRUE") { is_true[++y] = recs[idx-2] } } for (z=1; z<=y; z++) { var = var sep sprintf ("%s", is_true[z]) sep = "-" } data[$2,var]++; } END{ printf "%s," , "Desc" for (k=1; k<=n; k++) { printf "%s%s", newRecs[k],(k==n?RS:FS) } for (name=1; name<=d; name++) { printf "%s,", desc[name]; for (nR=1; nR<=n; nR++) { printf "%s%s", (data[desc[name],newRecs[nR]]?data[desc[name],newRecs[nR]]:""), (nR==n?RS:FS) } } } <h3>Sample file</h3> Locationx,Desc,A,B,C,Locationy ab123,Name1,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name2,TRUE,FALSE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name2,FALSE,FALSE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name1,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name2,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,ab1234 ab123,Name3,FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,ab1234 ab123,Name3,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,ab1234 ab123,Name3,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,ab1234 ab123,Name3,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,ab1234 ab123,Name1,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,ab1234 <h3>Execution:</h3> $ awk -f script.awk file Desc,A,B,C,A-B,A-C,A-B-C Name1,,,,1,,2 Name2,,,1,,1,1 Name3,1,,,2,,

Now, there is pretty evident bug in the combination function. It does not recurse to print all combinations. For eg: for A B C D it will print


but not BC


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