Set combobox Item in code Behind UWP


I have seen how to select the item from the index by code behind, but how can i select it from code behind knowing the string of the item?

combobox code xaml:

<ComboBox x:Name="ComboBoxOne" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Height="40" Width="200"> <ComboBoxItem Content="blue"/> <ComboBoxItem Content="red"/> <ComboBoxItem Content="green"/> </ComboBox>

combobox code behind:

ComboBoxOne.SelectedIndex = 1;

But how to select the item knowing for example green? Is possible?

I tried with ComboBoxOne.PlaceholderText


But then I can not use the selecteditem.

Thanks in advance!


First you need to get the Items of the ComboBox as a List to find the Index of the item that you want to select by string. Since this will be a List<String> you can do something like below.

List<String> lstItems = ComboBoxOne.Items .Cast<ComboBoxItem>() .Select(item => item.Content.ToString()) .ToList();

and then you can get the index using Linq and assign it to Selected Index. Like below.

ComboBoxOne.SelectedIndex = lstItems.FindIndex(a => a.Equals("green"));

Good Luck.


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