how to extract numbers from string using Javascript?


how to extract numbers from string using Javascript? Test cases below:

string s = 1AA11111 string s1= 2111CA2 string s result = 111111 string s1 result = 211112

My code below is not working:

var j = 0; var startPlateNums = ""; while (j <= iStartLength && !isNaN(iStartNumber.substring(j, j + 1))){ startPlateNums = startPlateNums + iStartNumber.substring(j, j + 1); j++; }


How about a simple regexp

s.replace(/[^\d]/g, '')

or as stated in the comments

s.replace(/\D/g, '')

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/2mguE/" rel="nofollow">http://jsfiddle.net/2mguE/</a>


You could do: <strong>EDITED:</strong>

var num = "123asas2342a".match(/[\d]+/g) console.log(num); // THIS SHOULD PRINT ["123","2342"]


A regex replace would probably the easiest and best way to do it:

'2111CA2'.replace(/\D/g, '');

However here's another alternative without using regular expressions:

var s = [].filter.call('2111CA2', function (char) { return !isNaN(+char); }).join('');

Or with a simple for loop:

var input = '2111CA2', i = 0, len = input.length, nums = [], num; for (; i < len; i++) { num = +input[i]; !isNaN(num) && nums.push(num); } console.log(nums.join(''));


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