Adding multiple custom http request headers mystery


HttpGet request = new HttpGet(";

I wonder why I can only send successfully for custom headers : UserName and AuthToken if I do the following:

request.setHeader("User-Agent", "android_client"); request.setHeader("Host", ""); request.addHeader("UserName", mUserName); request.addHeader("AuthToken", mAuthorizationToken);

Why is that this code NOT sending the UserName but AuthToken only? When the two bottom lines are reversed.

request.setHeader("User-Agent", "android_client"); request.setHeader("Host", ""); request.addHeader("AuthToken", mAuthorizationToken); request.addHeader("UserName", mUserName);

Why is this code failing with 400 error code, invalid hostname when I don't specific the host

// request.setHeader("User-Agent", "android_client"); // request.setHeader("Host", ""); request.addHeader("UserName", mUserName); request.addHeader("AuthToken", mAuthorizationToken);

If I don't need to send the UserName and AuthToken, I don't really need to set the Host and it works just fine with the code commented out like following

// request.setHeader("User-Agent", "android_client"); // request.setHeader("Host", "");

Though I don't think that it is related, I want to disclose that I am using self-signed certificate for these http call from android following this <a href="http://blog.antoine.li/2010/10/22/android-trusting-ssl-certificates/" rel="nofollow">blog</a>. Looking forward to the divine revelation for my poor http soul ...


It is a fluke. I couldn't reproduce it anymore. I have been working with the working solution and left it for a while working on different project. I come back and take a look with wire /context logging at <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/users/335638/oleg" rel="nofollow">oleg</a> suggestion with the help of <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3246792/how-to-enable-logging-for-apache-commons-httpclient-on-android" rel="nofollow">How to enable logging for apache commons HttpClient on Android</a> I couldn't reproduce the problem anymore. The power of the logging has scared the problem away. Will update if the problem occurs again and if I find out the cause.


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