Create a dictionary with a HTML-form in Django


Is there any possible method to create a form with one or more elements like:

<form action="{% url "foo" %}" method="POST"> <div id="report_item"> <input type="text" name="dontknow"> <input type="date" name="dontknow"> </div> <div id="report_item"> <input type="text" name="dontknow"> <input type="date" name="dontknow"> </div> </form>

And to get a dictionary from this form as below:

{data: {1: { text: 'bla', date: '2014-03-02' }, {2: { text: 'second text', date: '2014-03-01' } }


Not quite, but you probably want to look at <a href="https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/forms/formsets/" rel="nofollow">formsets</a>. That gives you a series of repeated forms, which you can output on the template by just iterating through. Once you've validated the POST data if you really need a dictionary you can do something like:

data = {i: form.cleaned_data for i, form in enumerate(formset.forms)}


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