Is it possible to query Google Cloud Storage similar to using `ls` command in terminal?


I am using the python library for querying Google Cloud Storage, and I am organizing information in Storage using a naming hierarchy. For example:

my_bucket/simulations/version_1/data... my_bucket/simulations/version_2/data... my_bucket/simulations/version_3/data... my_bucket/other_data/more_data...

My question is: is it possible to query using list_blobs or some other method to retrieve a list that contains just the versions from the "simulations" directory, and not all of the blobs below simulations?

For reference, this returns all blobs in a paginated fashion:

cursor = bucket.list_blobs(prefix='simulations')


I've played around with the prefix and delimiter parameters of list_blobs method and this code worked:

<pre class="lang-py prettyprint-override">from google.cloud import storage def ls(bucket_name, prefix, delimiter): storage_client = storage.Client() bucket = storage_client.get_bucket(bucket_name) cursor = bucket.list_blobs(prefix=prefix, delimiter=delimiter) for blob in cursor: pass for prefix in cursor.prefixes: print prefix ls(your_bucket_name, 'simulations/', '/')


simulations/version-1/ simulations/version-2/ simulations/version-3/

Note that this will only display the names of the <em>directories</em> inside the simulations/ directory, the files will be omitted.


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