DJI Onboard-SDK to Mobile-SDK communication: Issues with mobile side using swift


I am currently working on a project that that involves data to be sent from a third party computer on a DJI UAV, to an IOS app. I have successfully implemented the sending of data on the Onboard-SDK, but am having trouble with receiving the sent data on the Mobile-SDK. The mobile app is written in swift. There are examples of receiving data from UAV on IOS(in documentation), but they are all written in objective C.

I honestly cannot find a single other person who has experience with this. Is there anyone who has done this, or something similar? Any answer would be helpful.

Documentation example of receiving data on mobile device (objective C):

(void)flightController:(DJIFlightController *_Nonnull)fc didReceiveDataFromOnboardSDKDevice:(NSData *_Nonnull)data;

Let me know if you need more context to help.



The flight controller has a public property exposed on it called onboardSDKDevice which has a delegate called DJIOnboardSDKDeviceDelegate and one of the methods is - (void)onboardSDKDevice:(DJIOnboardSDKDevice *)osdkDevice didSendDataToMobile:(NSData *)data; You should be able to set the delegate to your class and implement that method to get the NSData.


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